Houston Interfaith Trip on Jan 22nd to 26th

-Join our multi-faith mission team as we help our sisters and brothers in Houston to recover.

-We will be prayerfully partnering with Congregation Hakafa and Winnetka Congregational Church in our first-ever multi-faith mission trip.

-Our chosen multi-faith approach offers powerful faith and fellowship opportunities with our Muslim, Christian and Jewish sisters and brothers.

-No special skills required. Likely work will range from mucking-out to demo to construction.

– If you are willing and able-bodied, there is a job for you.

-In Houston, we will be working with a credentialed relief organization to ensure that: our work is clearly defined, we have the necessary supplies and support, and we can maximize our impact.

-Help us to make a material difference in the lives of others, and help to show how religion can empower us to celebrate our diversity, work side by side, and build up the beloved community where are all welcome and all have an equally important place and role.

To ask questions or to sign up, please email Asif Masood: amasood1@yahoo.com