MCC President’s message to all the upcoming election candidates.

Dear Community members,

Asslamoalaikum. May Allah (SWT) shower His mercy on you and all the mankind. This message is regarding elections of MCC. MCC is proud to be one of the only few Islamic Institutions that can be proud of its democratic roots. However, with democracy, there comes some responsibility to respect each other also.

While it is the right of every member to discuss with your families and friends and decide who to vote for in a democratic process, a sense of respect for each individual should not be lost. I strongly encourage all the members to respect each other in person, in writing or in any other way. Please do not use derogatory, insulting or false rumors about any one, be it a candidate or other individual of the community.

I also encourage all the school principals (full time or part time) not to use the offices for any kind of campaign centers.

Of course, Schools are encouraged to welcome the candidates if they choose to come to school and talk to parents/staff (but without the presence of children). School PSGs/PTOs can arrange a candidate forum if they like to by inviting Presidential Candidates. This can be in addition to what Election Committee has arranged the two Candidate forums.

I thank all the Community members and let’s assure that no matter who wins these elections, we will all work together for the betterment of Muslim Community.


M. Sarwar Nasir