Mezzanine Project

Alhamdulillah! YOU did it! YOUR donations have made YOUR organization reach the target! Jazakallahu Khairun and thank you for donating for the mezzanine! Construction will be completed soon InShaAllah!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!

Your organization -Muslim Community Center- Alhamdulillah is nearly 50 years old. We are very fortunate to have three wonderful facilities.

Similar to our own homes, our MCC facilities need to be expanded from time to time because of our growing congregation. At MCC-Elston, we recently started two Jumuah Salats because of overcrowding.  Brothers and sisters are sometimes forced to perform Jumuah Salat in the shoe area and the hallway because of overcrowding.

MCC administration is extremely happy to announce that the City of Chicago has approved the mezzanine construction at MCC-Elston Masjid. The construction of the spacious mezzanine will reduce congestion and enhance the view for our growing congregation of sisters. The estimated cost for the mezzanine is $260,000. Please donate generously towards this wonderful opportunity of continuous charity (Sadqah Jaariah).

Prophet Muhammed  (SAW) said:  “Whoever   builds  a Masjid for the sake  of Allah,  (even  if the donation  is only sufficient  to build  something   like a bird’s nest or smaller),  Allah  will build for the person  a house  in Jannah.”  [Ibn Majah-Saheeh-738)

We need your help to raise funds as soon as possible to pay for this much needed physical improvement. lf each of us plays  a part in this very important  project by donating   towards  the construction  of the mezzanine, we can very quickly  start the construction  work.  This month, we are requesting you to donate a suggested minimum of only $300 towards the mezzanine  construction. Checks can be made payable to Muslim Community Center and handed over at one of our two beautiful Masjids with mezzanine written in the memo/for. Alternatively, the check can be mailed to the MCC- ELSTON Masjid address. Please do not mail cash. Donations can also be made online on the Donate Now page.

Thank you for always being generous towards your MCC organization. If you have questions about this matter or need assistance in making donations, please contact the MCC office.

Jazakumullahu Khairun! May Allah reward you in the best of ways!