Submission Guidelines for The Message Newsletter


Just a friendly reminder here are the Submission Guidelines for the Publication Committee:

1.) The deadline for submissions is the 15th of the month. I have had much feedback about this change and keeping in mind of the time involved in the overall process of creating, editing, submitting and delivering the newsletter “on time” to our members this deadline is set. I understand this is a change for most but overhauling the process in an efficient manner necessitates this. The upcoming Islamic months will have many more events and we need time to for coverage.

That saidit does not mean events after the 15th will not be included. I need the majority of articles and photographs sent to me firstly. This will allow for later submissions and last minute issues to be reconciled. I am coordinating with Br. Hafiz Ikhlas to incorporate the newsletter and prayer time table and be sent out together to ensure prompt delivery.

     a.) For membership: Since we reconcile our mailing list by the 15th as well, any new member will receive newsletter beginning the following month.

2.) Committees hosting events please have someone (one person) from your committee send me a write-up along with any photographs as soon as possible. The Publications Committee does not have the staff to attend each event and write articles. If we do attend events we will take notes to augment your articles but the responsibility of writing and submitting the articles is on the committees. Only the committees can truly attest to the event’s purpose and success.

*ALL articles must be sent in Word format. NO PDF’s.

*articles must be in simple font, Times Roman, 12 pt.

*please do not bold any articles.

*all articles will be edited for content and space.

*articles for smaller events should be between 50-100 words.

*major articles should be between 100-300 words. (These are approx.) don’t worry about going over or under.

3.) Please send submissions and all communications regarding the newsletter to the following email:  editormccpublications@gmail. com.

4.) Please direct all advertisement queries to Br. Sabih Uddin at

I hope you all will work with our team following these guidelines which were put in place, not to trouble anyone, but to streamline the publication process.



Shabnam Mahmood

Publications Committee Chair