An Exciting and Important Announcement from School Council

Assalamualaikum Dear MCCA Parents,

I hope and pray that you and your families are in good health, faith, and prosperity. As the MCC Academy Council Chairman, I’m writing to share some important and exciting news with you.

MCCA Council consists of 9 members and is responsible for the administration and implementation of school policies and educational plans. Council is also responsible to prepare and manage the overall budget of the school. I’ve seen the school grow from having less than $1million budget in its early days to now managing an annual budget of nearly $5M. The Council has made some administrative changes for better representation of the MCC Academy.

For the past 16 years that Mr. Habeeb Quadri has served as the MCCA Principal, I’ve seen him lead a team of administrators, teachers, and staff in increasing the school enrollment from 190 to now more than 680 students and growing our staff from a team of 17 to 70 in total. He has led the growth of MCCA from one building housing Pres-8th grade to now representing one of the largest Islamic full-time institutions in America housing four distinct school units at two separate campuses under the umbrella of MCC Academy, including early childhood/elementary school, middle school, high school, and hifdh school.

Due to this tremendous growth and the breadth in which we have spread our programming, the MCCA Council unanimously decided to the reorganization and expansion of our School administrative leadership with the promotion of Mr. Quadri to a new role of MCCA Superintendent. Council also decided that effective November 15, 2018, Mrs. Salma Ahmed will be promoted to the MCCA Principal position. Mrs. Ahmed has been part of the MCCA leadership team for a total of 15 years, having served previously as MCCA principal in the 90s before taking time off to raise her family, and then joining us again for the past 5 years. In her most recent role, Mrs. Ahmed has been MCCA Vice Principal of Curriculum Development and Instructional Coach. Mrs. Ahmed will be in-charge of managing the day-to-day activities of the school.

Along with Vice Principal Mrs. Arshi Mujtaba and Director of Middle School Mrs. Abeer Saleh, Mrs. Salma Ahmed will lead curriculum development, instructional coaching, enrollment, staffing, disciplinary issues, and communications for all of our MCCA students with oversight from Superintendent Mr. Habeeb Quadri.

In his new role, Mr. Quadri will remain a central figure at both campuses. However, just as he has already been doing over the past many years, Mr. Quadri will be flexing his time to meet the many demands within the purview of his new position. Specifically, he will focus his attention on the following:

Management of all Four MCCA School Units: As we move forward, Mr. Quadri will be taking on a broader role in oversight and stewardship of the Academy. He will oversee staffing, instructional coaching, curriculum development, and disciplinary issues as needed. His focus will be on the continued growth of all the programs of Academy, including growing our new high school by adding one additional grade each year of the next three years until it is fully operational. He will be looking to expand MCCA by conducting feasibility studies of two neighboring communities that have asked MCCA to develop satellite schools within their masjid communities. If the studies determine feasibility and benefit to MCCA, Mr. Quadri will lead the development of these satellite schools.

Philanthropist Relations: For the past 16 years, Mr. Quadri has taken the lead in developing and garnering stakeholder support from among MCCA families and beyond, helping to secure an average of $500K-800K a year in philanthropic support that benefits the multitude of areas of MCCA Community and students. In his new role as superintendent, Mr. Quadri will focus philanthropic relations on continuing to increase social capital and promote civic engagement, to nurture relationships in order to foster giving, and to increase and diversify the generosity of donors for our organization and for the greater good.

Management of MCCA-led Community Programs: As part of our Vision 2020 plan that we launched four years ago, MCCA has made it part of our mission to benefit Muslim youth and adults beyond those that attend our Academy. We are now facilitating services to more than 1000 students between MCCA and the six additional areas under Academy management, including:
MCCA Darul Uloom Skokie campus (9 months per year) – 50 students
MCCA Darul Uloom Morton Grove campus (year round) – 60 students
Special Needs Strive Program (10 months per year) – 24 students
MCC Youth Group for teens (year round) – 50-100 students
MCCA Summer Camp (6 weeks every summer) – 75 students
Sports Camps (year round) – 60-120 students
After-school Clubs and Activities – 150-300 students
In his new role, Mr. Quadri will be able to further develop these programs, expanding each to benefit even more Muslim youth in our community.

Community Relations: Mr. Quadri will lead efforts to continue to reach out and build crucial relationships to MCCA and the broader Muslim community among other Muslims and non-Muslims, including leading:
MCCA participation as members of both the Council of Islamic Schools of Illinois and the Illinois Coalition of Non-public Schools where he will be: Advocating for state funding that help secure the new Illinois state tax credit available to qualifying families that helps pay for private school education; Representing the rights of Muslims in public schools by attending local school board meetings and pushing for policies allowing Muslim students the ability to practice their faith and secure their rights in these spaces
MCCA participation in monthly meetings with public school administrators and civic leaders to: Foster positive relationships with our non-Muslim neighbors and friends. For example, most recently, Mr. Quadri led MCCA’s participation as co-chair of last year’s 10-week long “Skokie Coming Together” cultural education program highlighting Muslim-American culture in Niles Township, the first time Muslims in America were not only represented, but celebrated in such a way.
MCCA hosting the myriad visitors that come each year to the school, opportunities where we build important bridges and can learn from one another, including: 5-10 visits from non-Muslim schools each year; Regular visits from foreign education delegations. Over the years, MCCA has hosted educators from Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, England, Canada, Pakistan, India, and more.

All of these relationships are vital to us as Muslims living in America, and Mr. Quadri will continue to focus on identifying opportunities where he can represent our rights and work for positive change that will benefit Muslim-Americans both presently and as we look toward the future.

We are grateful to Mrs. Salma Ahmed for her service to MCCA and to Mr. Quadri for his stewardship for the past 16 years, for expanding the reach of MCCA to so many students and community members. We pray for their continued success and ability to be of benefit to all of us. Please make dua for our collective ability as MCCA Council members, administrators, teachers, staff and volunteers to continue to offer valuable religious and educational opportunities to both MCCA students and the broader community of Muslim youth and families.

Dr. Mohammad Sarwar Nasir
MCCA Council Chairman


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