Arabic Courses offered at MEC – beginning Nov 3rd

As salaamu alaikum,
Al hamdu lillah, MEC will be beginning two Arabic classes, an Advanced Arabic course, and a beginner’s Arabic class, offered weekly on Saturdays up to Ramadan.
Advanced Arabic
  • Nawh
    • Weeks 1 to 13, Ajrumiyyah + 2 review sessions and midterm
    • Weeks 14 to 22 Tarkeeb + 2 review sessions and final
  • Sarf
    • Weeks 1 to 22 – Arabic Morphology – Moulana Ebrahim Muhammad up to Lesson 54 + 4 review sessions, midtterm, and final.
  • Hans Wehr Arabic English Dictionary
*Please note, Shaykh Rafiq Faiz has ijaza in the Ajrumiyya from the Imams in the Haram.  The advanced class will prove to be an opportunity to earn a proper ijaza in the Ajrumiyya, insh’Allah.
Beginners Arabic
  • Ten Lessons of Arabic – Translation of Maulana ‘Abd al-Salam Kidwai Nadvi
  • Hans Wehr Arabic English Dictionary
The beginners class will be following a tried and tested method to introduce beginning students to the Arabic language, giving them a solid foundation for continued growth in studying Arabic, insh’Allah.
Jazaakum Allahu Khayran.
  • Price: $200.00 Quantity:

Jamaat Timings

June 1st to June 15th
  • Fajr
    4.30 AM
    4.45 AM
  • Zuhr
    01:30 PM
    1:10 PM
  • Asr
    06:15 PM
    6:30 PM
  • Magrib
  • Isha
    10:00 PM
    10:20 PM

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