MCC Academy College Prep High School is Now in Session!

The front lawn and entrance to MCC Academy was packed with revelers celebrating the grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony for the MCCA College Prep high school on Monday, August 27, 2018. Morton Grove Mayor Dan DiMaria and many of his trustees partook in this momentous occasion for the MCCA, which for the past nearly 30 years has operated full-time early childhood, elementary and middle school programs. MCCA Principal Habeeb Quadri and MCC President Kamran Hussain thanked all who helped launch the high school program, including MCC community member Tariq Malhance, MCCA Chairperson and former MCCA President Sarwar Nasir, former MCCA Chairperson Musarrat Khan, MCC board member Mrs. Saba Khan, and many more MCCA council members, school staff and community members. Mr. Quadri introduced our first high school students who participated in the ribbon-cutting alongside Village President Dan DiMaria.

The new MCCA College Prep is designed as a dual-credit program in partnership with Oakton Community College. Beginning their junior year, students will take many courses at Oakton Community College that will satisfy both high school graduation requirements and, at the same time, will give each student actual credit toward a future college degree. Students will take Arabic language coursework and classes focused on developing their knowledge and practical understanding of Islam with an emphasis on community service and interfaith-building. The MCCA College Prep high school opened with a small freshman class of both boys and girls and is slated to scale up to a full, 9-12th grade program by 2021, adding one additional grade each year for the next three years. MCCA College Prep will still accept late-coming 9th grade students who qualify for the program. Acceptance is contingent upon academic qualification. AlhumdilAllah, we are incredibly thankful for this opportunity and pray Allah swt continues to bless MCC Academy students, families, teachers and staff.


Jamaat Timings

July 1st to July 15th
  • Fajr
    4.30 AM
    4.45 AM
  • Zuhr
    01:30 PM
    1:15 PM
  • Asr
    06:30 PM
    6:30 PM
  • Magrib
  • Isha
    10:15 PM
    10:20 PM

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