January 2020

The Message

A Publication of the Muslim Community Center, Chicago, IL

Vol. 50 / No. 1/ Jumada Al-Awwal—Jumada Al-Akhirah 1441/ January 2020

President's Report

Dear Brothers and Sisters, عليكم السالم ,
I am deeply honored that the general body of the MCC has re-elected me for the Presidency for another two years. I honestly feel that I am not worthy of this position, and all the success comes from Allah (S), who has helped with putting together a group of great volunteers and employees in place that helps make everyone’s job easier. The success of this masjid has been its tireless workers and employees, working diligently to make the masjid a place where people want to come and spend their free time. Thank you.

With that, we welcome everyone to 2020. We should look to the future and see how we can improve and learn from our past successes and failures. The first two years of my tenure as President was to try to bring in new workers as well as new programs. We were able to accomplish that; however, that also created new challenges in terms of organizing. In Sha Allah, in the next two years, we will try to strengthen our internal organization while continuing to work on the outward as well. In the last year, we celebrated our 50th anniversary by opening two endowments, one for the MCC and MCC Academy.

Alhamdulillah, within 12 months, we raised close to $200,000 for each separate endowment. This is the start of making our masjid self-sufficient. Along with that, we hired our Imam, Sh. Ibrahim Khader who has done an excellent job of working not only with both of our masjids but also outside youth groups such as YM, Niles West and other MSAs at local universities. His next big project is leading an MCC Umrah group this March. Please see the Message for the flyer for further details, which is marketed towards our MCC members. We want to create an MCC within the sacred cities! In the last year, we also opened up a youth room in the MEC, and our next project for 2020 will be to open up a youth room at MCC as well as a seniors space at MEC. MCC has teamed up with CIOGC and the Illinois Civic Coalition to help get the Muslims in Chicago counted as part of the Census 2020.

Make sure you look out for events MCC will help sponsor in the next few months. I welcome all the new board members and committee chairs that will be appointed, and please reach out to me at president@mccchicago.org if you would like to get involved. We are always looking for new workers to bring their ideas and implement them at the MCC. We pray that 2020 is a great and successful year at the MCC, and the only way we can hope for all of us to buy into the vision of the MCC—a masjid that is compassionate and welcomes all of you.

Jazak Allah Khair.


Kamran Hussain

MCC job opportunity for immediate consideration:

Rehab and Welfare Coordinator

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter indicating how your experience relates to this position along with a resume to zakat@mccchicago.org

MCC Publication Committee:

  • Shabnam Mahmood—Chair/Editor-in-chief
  • Syed Mahmood—Co-Chair
  • Hafiz Ikhlas Ansari—Prayer Timetable
  • Mohsin Bhatty—Distribution

The Message is a monthly publication of the Muslim Community Center that informs members of administration, organization and committee activities of MCC/MEC. Submit your questions and comments editormccpublications@gmail.com. The opinions expressed in The Message do not necessarily represent those of the Publication Com-mittee. The editor reserves the right to edit all material.

MCC Election Results

Kamran Hussain 137
Board of Directors (General)
Masood Bijapuri 95
Usman Baki 86
Kazim Mohammed 84
Board of Directors (Women)
Kulsum Sadiq 93
Board of Directors (Youth)
Mohsin Ishaq 130

The Election Committee congratulates the winners, thanks the candidates willing to put their names in the ring and serve this institution. May all of you continue to serve MCC in the best way you can, as dedicated volunteers, are much needed. For those of you who have won, please accept your responsibility seriously and with patience and strength. May Allah (swt) help you make MCC a thriving Ummah and a reflection of what an Islamic society
truly should be. Ameen

Coming Together Opening Ceremony

Ten years ago, Niles Township started a unique yearly project named “Coming Together” to celebrate diversity by promoting learning of a specific culture through a series of fun and educational activities. 2018 celebrated Muslim culture, and the theme for 2020 is “Journeys to Niles Township.” The opening ceremony will be on January 26, 2020, at Niles West High School; it will bring about a thousand guests from Skokie, Morton Grove, Lincolnwood, and Niles. Mark this free, fun, and open-to-all event on your calendar as it will include storytelling, performances, food tasting, and art displays!

Date: January 26, 2020.
Time: 1pm to 3pm.
For more information, please visit

Sunday School Seerat-ul-Nabi Speech Contest

Congratulations to all of our MCC Students that participated in the 29th Annual Seerat-ul-Nabi Speech Contest held on Sunday, Nov. 17th, 2019. Our Theme this year was: “Giving back to humanity referencing the Quran and Sunnah.”
1st and 2nd Graders: Performed a group presentation.
3rd and 4th Grade
Topic: How can you help your family
(parents, siblings, and relatives)?
· 3rd Grade
1st Place Zain Memon
2nd Place Hakima Wako
3rd Place Amran Zeleke
· 4th Grade
1st Place Haroon Mujahid
2nd Place Areeba Tazmin
3rd Place Chabis Wak
5th and 6th Grade
Topic: How can you help your

· 5th Grade
1st Place Aamir Memon
2nd Place Jenan Mahmud
3rd Place Hafsah Abdullah
· 6th Grade
1st Place Daniyal Muhammad Sarwar
2nd Place Maryam Ahmed
3rd Place (tied) Soha Vohra
3rd Place (tied) Aleena Nasir
7th thru 10th Grade
Topic: How can you make an impact on
today’s world?
· 7th Grade
1st Place Mohammed Siddiqui
2nd Place Ahmed Taqayyah
3rd Place Addnan Mujahid
· 8th Grade
1st Place Aymal Yousefzai
2nd Place Amal Sarwar
3rd Place (tied) Zeshaari Ahmed
3rd Place (tied) Mariyum Patel
· 9th Grade
1st Place Noor Ahmed
2nd Place Amina Karabek
3rd Place Iffat Ali
· 10th Grade
1st Place Zaid Khan
2nd Place Ayaan Gul
3rd Place Nabeel Muhammad Sarwar

Again, congratulations to all the participants and big thank you to all the countless volunteers that made this ceremony possible.

Kazim Mohammed and Omer Khan
(Co-Principals) MCC Sunday School

MCC Youth In Action

Congratulations to the three winning groups for MCC Innovate! Competition  Ahmed Malik, Ahmed Syed, Sufyaan Syed, Bilaal Ansari in the first place, Idriz and Yusuf Redzovic in second place, and Saad Mohammad, Hamza Kothawala, Rayyan Junaid, Ahmed Imran, Bilal Hameed in third place.

Sisterhood Circle had a very successful Hajj Story Time event with over 25 sisters in attendance. Sister Aminah co hosted a successful college interfaith tour at MCC Elston location with Dr. Sabeel Ahmed in mid-November.


The Youth of MCC’s Middle School Boys Youth Group that meets at the Skokie location and is led by young college-age men from our community has been running very well so far, alhamdulillah, and will continue to meet every Friday.

Please contact a youth coordinator if you would like to sign up. The Youth of MCC group that meets on Sundays has started a series, Lessons from the Life of the Prophet Muhammed PBUH with Omer Lateef, a student at DePaul and DaruSalam Seminary which has been very successful so far. The Youth of MCC and Interfaith and Outreach Committee has collaborated on a service trip to the Mexican-American border to serve the folks at the refugee camp in Matamoros, Mexico, and Brownsville, Texas. For more information and to register, please email Br. Asif at amasood1@yahoo.com. The Youth of MCC
has been invited to Temple Jeremiah for a Martin Luther King interfaith high school and college program in January. More information coming soon for those interested in attending. The Youth of MCC and Zaytuna college will be doing a program with Dr. Celene Ibrahim on understanding the Islamic perspective on Feminism for high school and college youth in February.

*Follow us on Instagram/ Facebook at @mccchicagoyouth and @youthofmcc for regular updates on more exciting events and programs. If you have questions, concerns, suggestions, or comments, please reach out to our youth coordinators: Sarah Kadir, skadir@mccchicago.org & Aminah McBryde-Redzovic, aminah@mccchicago.org.

Interfaith Vigil for Peace

Niles Township Clergy Forum started a silent vigil in response to the local, national, and global violence, oppression, and injustice. Clergy and the broader community gather in an outer circle every Wednesday at the Village Green outside the Skokie Public Library at 4 PM for 7 Minutes. Silence — the still, small voice — has power. Prayer for Peace, Love, and Kindness in silence is made for all.

MCC Interfaith and Outreach Committee is represented in this silent vigil and would like to encourage our community to attend the vigil whenever possible.

MEC/MCC Women's Committee Events

Mommy & Me by MEC Women’s Committee (MEC-WC) arranged storytime for its young members on Dec. 10th. MCCA’s own Ms. Sabiya Patel told the story in Arabic and English. It was a great and fun opportunity for children to unplug and develop their social, language, and listening skills.

The MEC-WC is also arranging an ice skating event on January 4th at Skokie Ice Arena. All community sisters and boys under the age of 12 are welcome. Although admission is free, there is a $2.50 fee for the skate rental. It is an ice-tacular event sisters should not miss!

Moreover, MEC -WC is arranging a “Safety Seminar” on January, 25th led by Officer Sophia Syed, a law enforcement officer and MCC community member. Officer Sophia Syed will share safety tips, rights within the law, do’s and don’ts in case of bias related incidents, and other topics of concern for the Muslim community. Refreshments will be provided.

Please contact :
mecwomenscommittee@gmail.com for any questions and follow us on Facebook -MEC Women’s Committee.

Holistic Lifestyle Seminar

The MCC & MEC women’s committees presented “Living a Holistic Life” on Nov. 23rd at MEC. Guests felt pampered and relaxed by the fragrant ambiance in the room. The event was based on Eco-Friendly sources and respecting the Earth.

The session started with a meditation exercise by Sema Bawamia, following Dr. Sam’s lecture on how a holistic lifestyle nourishes us physically, mentally, and spiritually, also cleansing by increasing serotonin and reducing inflammation by removing toxins throughout the body. Participants enjoyed healthy and delicious snacks.

The crowd learned about better options of grains to eat, the excellence of grinding and mixing spices by hand, and how cooking hands-on can be an act of worship. Seniors enjoyed the trip down memory lane, recalling the grains they used to eat and the tools and techniques they used — which are still the healthiest ways to prepare food. For younger moms, these tips were inspiring.

MEC/MCC Women’s Committee thank all the volunteers and attendees for making this event a success. Please contact mecwomenscommittee@gmail.com or mccelstonWC@gmail.com to be informed about the next holistic living event.