September 2019

The Message

A Publication of the Muslim Community Center, Chicago, IL

Vol. 50 / No. 9 / Muharram—Safar 1441/ September 2019

President's Report

Dear Brothers and Sisters, عليكم السالم ,

Eid Mubarak to all of you and I wanted to extend a Hajj Mubarak to all of the Haajis who were able to complete the 5th Pillar of Islam successfully. May Allah (S) bless you and may He accept your Hajj. I pray all your duas are answered, and as you return home, I hope that this reinvigorates your life and your commitment to be a better Muslim as well as a better person. Ameen.


We had another auspicious Eid on the Field at Niles West High School as thousands gathered to pray on a beautiful and sunny day. The following week we had another successful Fun Fest where families and friends gathered to enjoy the day. I want to commend both the Eid and Fun Fest committees doing such an excellent job in being able to organize such a large number of people to work together for a common goal. I heard nothing but praise from all the attendees. The credit goes team leaders to work together with youth and senior volunteers bringing joy to our community.

Lastly, I would like to remind you once again to culminate the summer and the year of 2019 this fall by attending our 50th Anniversary Gala on September 21st at the Holiday Inn. We want to share with you the history of MCC and our accomplishments. Insha’Allah we see you all there!

JazakAllah Khair.

Any questions or comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Kamran Hussain

MCC's 50th Anniversary

Alhamdulillah, MCC has seen fifty years and shares this anniversary with other momentous events. So our staff decided to commemorate those events as well, MCC-style!

The Beatles: Abby Road album

The Beatles: Abby Road album

MCC portrayal courtesy of Br. Yusuf Umar, Br. Hashim Ali Al Sahary, Br. Maher Al-Zoukani, & Br. Mahmoud

Publication Committee’s eNewsletter Launch
“But waste not by excess: for Allah loveth not the wasters” (Quran 6:141, Yusuf Ali translation).

In fifty years much as changed about the world we live in. This change affects all of us at MCC as well. Communication needs have changed to reflect these changes. We need to be conscious of how we are living and make every effort to be environmentally responsible. It is, therefore, a pleasure to announce The Message’s online eNewsletter launch which will now be available as of September. A majority of community members have requested this change, and it seems the right time to do so. As a member, you will receive an email version of the newsletter. Please be sure to update your email information with MCC’s office manager.

It is the 50th anniversary of our institution, along with our presence on social media we are heading for the future environmentally conscious. However, we are keeping our community members who wish to receive the hard-copy newsletter in mind. You will continue to receive the mailed hardcopies. In Sha Allah, we hope this will be the beginning of many such innovative communications for MCC going for-ward, Ameen.

Also, to celebrate our launch Publication Committee is partnering with the Library Committee to bring a crossword puzzle contest. The eNewsletter will feature a link to a crossword puzzle related to various individuals who have been an integral part of MCC’s history. Unscramble the names with the help of clues and complete the crossword puzzle. The first three correct completed puzzles will receive prizes! Winners will be announced in the next issue!

Members of the MCC Administration and Committees are not eligible to participate.

Good luck! Publication & Library Committees

1. Unscramble the answers using the clues.
2. Fill in the interactive crossword below by pointing in the boxes. (Note: if you don’t see the crossword please refresh the page one more time)
3. Upon successfully filling in the right answers please take a screenshot of your crossword puzzle and click the link  to enter your contact info and add screenshot of the crossword puzzle.

1. 1. The second partner in the Humanity project. 1. hamir lmaain
2. 2. This MCC alum has been in the news quite bit. 2. hrhsaa huqrisai
3. 3. This handsome champ visited MCC. 3. dmmhauam ial
4. 4. This MCC youth alum started the Humanity Project with his partner. 4. rbiak zoncdaaivn
5. 5. He frequented MCC when his head wasn't in the clouds. 5. lzafru mhaanr
6. 6. The first alumni of MCC to become its president. 6. ramkrn sinahus
7. 7. This grande dame was a past editor of The Message. 7. ryma ail

MCC Publication Committee:

  • Shabnam Mahmood—Chair/Editor-in-chief
  • Syed Mahmood—Co-Chair
  • Shahjahan Baig—Advertising Manager
  • Hafiz Ikhlas Ansari—Prayer Timetable
  • Mohsin Bhatty—Distribution

The Message is a monthly publication of the Muslim Community Center that informs members of administration, organization and committee activities of MCC/MEC. Submit your questions and comments The opinions expressed in The Message do not necessarily represent those of the Publication Com-mittee. The editor reserves the right to edit all material.

MCC Elston and MEC masjid locations are requiring your generous contributions to support the security program for both facili-ties. With your generous support, you will play a part in enhancing a safe and secure environment for our community. The goal is to raise $60,000 for this initiative. Please visit our website to contribute. Jazak Allah Khairan.


Alhamdulillah, on Sunday, August 11th, MCC celebrated Eid on the Field at Niles West High School. All gathered to hear Maulana Yousuf Abdullah’s Eid khutbah and to pray Eid salah, a truly fulfilling moment. Appropriate accommodations made for everyone ensuring comfort and ease, especially for our seniors and special needs members. Children enjoyed bouncy castles and other fun activities. Everyone who participated and supported this event guaranteed its success, and MCC could not have been more thankful. MCC would like to send a special Thank You to the members of Niles High School, Skokie Police Department, MCC Executive Team, Eid Committee, Youth Committee, Building Committee, Rehab & Welfare team and Alhamdulillah many  more that came together on Eid Day.

The day of festivities would not have been possible without our food vendor Ziyad Ice Cream. Those that provided services included Alleviate Central Inc, House of Rental, Beegiggles Entertainment and ISAVE Audio Visual.

Alhamdulillah, with the grace and bounty of Allah (swt), we were able to accomplish another successful outdoor Eid event. We pray that Allah accepts all our good deeds, guide us to what’ best, and plant our feet firm on this religion.

Photos courtesy of Br. Syedullah


Sunday, August 18th, 2019 was MCC’s 28th Fun Fest at MEC’s grounds with plenty of sunshine, the event was a success bringing an estimated 1500 people throughout the day. MCC’s traditional and staple event the Fun Fest is an annual community event bringing family, friends, and neighbors together. This year the Fun Fest was chaired by Faizah Syed and her team, we also had several youth volunteers led by Sarah Kadir staffing booths and children’s activities throughout the day. Special shoutout to Br. Habib Abbasi for being a mentor and team member. Uncle Abbasi has been one of the original chairs of the Fun Fest and continues to be involved with the team. We love his commitment and dedication.

Highlights included MCCA Superintendent Habeeb Quadri jousting with our young ones! Our donut eating contest was another hit attracting all age groups as well as our ice crea eating contest. We had our President Kamran Hussain sitting in the dunk tank along with other community leaders being good sports as fairgoers lined up to take three tries at dunking them. Each year our food vendors bring something new and exciting for our community to experience. We were delighted to have Kona Ice truck serving a tropical flavored shaved ice to keep our guests cool. Our delicious handmade burgers flying off the grill were the talk of the fair. Not to mention Indonesian Noodles and Satays with their peanut sauce was mouth-watering. Our many thanks to Sr. Nafisa Sattar for her famous grilled Chicken Tikka and Bihari kabobs. Special shout-out to our Women’s Committee for helping graciously with cholay and dahi bade. The Morton Grove Fire and Utility departments brought trucks for the kids.

We thank Allah (swt) for another successful event and to all of our sponsors for their generosity that helps offset the cost. Thanks to all the volunteers (almost 90 of them!) who worked very hard to put the fest together. Insha’Allah, we look forward to seeing everyone at the Fun Fest next year. The day of festivities would not have been possible without our food vendor Ziyad Ice Cream. Those that provided services included Alleviate Central Inc, House of Rental, Beegiggles Entertainment and ISAVE Audio Visual. Alhamdulillah, with the grace and bounty of Allah (swt),  we were able to accomplish another successful outdoor Eid event. We pray that Allah accepts all our good deeds, guide us to what’ best, and plant our feet firm on this religion.