1. Unscramble the answers using the clues.
2. Fill in the crossword puzzle.
3. Upon successfully filling in the right answers you will have an entry form to enter your contact information and screenshot of the crossword puzzle.

Good luck!!

1. 1. The second partner in the Humanity project. 1. hamir lmaain
2. 2. This MCC alum has been in the news quite bit. 2. hrhsaa huqrisai
3. 3. This handsome champ visited MCC. 3. dmmhauam ial
4. 4. This MCC youth alum started the Humanity Project with his partner. 4. rbiak zoncdaaivn
5. 5. He frequented MCC when his head wasn't in the clouds. 5. lzafru mhaanr
6. 6. The first alumni of MCC to become its president. 6. ramkrn sinahus
7. 7. This grande dame was a past editor of The Message. 7. ryma ail